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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31

Thirty one days. Wow. I made it through some football games and pay per view boxing matches without drinks. Superbowl, clubs, and tailgating will be interesting when they come around!!!
I am up another pound and I am not upset by it. I am not eating well at all. I am eating after dinner and eating too much in general. I hope that because I have so many days into my first goal of the year that I can now start to focus on my eating. It needs work. It is so hard! There is no reason to sugar coat it. Now that I am working out again I am hungry more now. I need to focus better.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28

Day 28 – Weight 208. Up one pound. That means nothing I am going downward and small ups is part of the program no matter how hard you are working out and eating right. So I feel good and I am right on track still. When I think about 28 days of not drinking I think damn… I can't believe it has been 28 days now. It is without a doubt that this is the longest I have gone without drinking since 1994 – even if it is just one beer to watch a game or something. Do I miss it…? I can't say that I do and I think that is why this is not so difficult right now for me. I have not gone through some tough periods though so the jury is still out on how "easy" it will continue to be. There will be times I am hanging out and nights that I just want to relax. Funny that alcohol "a depressant" is what some turn to relax and enjoy themselves…
My eating is O.K. I guess. It is not getting in the way of the weight loss but I am guessing that when I get into the 198-202 range that my eating will be a big part of getting back down to 190.
Life is good! I cannot complain.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

I have a new follower - Bringing Pretty Back – welcome. I have a standard statement I am using for new followers to catch up – I lost a bunch of weight really fast – put some of it back on – and now I am trying to get back down to that goal weight with a slow and steady approach.
Day 26 and I am now down to 207. It seems I am losing weight at the same rate as before when I was working out everyday and watching everything I ate. It feels much easier to stay on the road I am on then the last month of my initial journey AND the three months leading up to my current journey. I am not so focused on every little thing and it is giving me a peace that I did not have during my "mad man" workouts and food intake.
However I have been irritated for no apparent reason the past couple days. Maybe it has to do with the drinks maybe not. I hope it passes. I am being a bit of an ass with my family the past couple days…
O.K. I need the weekend to be here already.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 - New follower

K. Garner – welcome. Long story short – I lost a bunch of weight really fast – put some of it back on – and now I am trying to get back down to that goal weight with a slow and steady approach. Should be interesting where I am at in a month…

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

I have a new follower – welcome paleo gurl – you can go back through my posts to see whats going on but the short of it is that I lost a bunch of weight real fast put some of it back on now I am trying to get back down to that weight and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.
So I made it to the workout spot this morning and I was happy to see 208. I am certainly making strides in my overall approach to eating and working out. I feel a balance coming over me and it feels good. So this is also 24 days of no drinking in 2011 and it has been surprisingly less difficult that I thought it would be. During the football games this weekend I wanted to partake in the festivities but soon after the kickoff I was happy with my cranberry and ice… I had fun playing lasertag with my kids, nieces, nephews on Saturday and then sledding down a BIG hill Sunday late morning. Always fun to get the cousins together they don’t get to see each other much. I think the activity this weekend helped with the 208 I posted today. Staying active during the weekends are a goal of mine too.
To those who have followed my blog for a little while I have completed my prototype of my invention and it works surprisingly well!!! I am extremely excited. I think part of the focus on completing the prototype came from not drinking this year so far. Really there are just a few minutes here and there I have for such things and if I spend them dragging because I drank the night before things just don’t get done. So as I like to say at times like these… ONWARD.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21

M/W/F workout schedule is starting to feel normal. The day break in-between seems to be well timed and helps me to WANT to go workout the next day. I am searching for my balance between working out and the food I eat. I am getting to understand how it will work going forward. I just have more feeling out to do with what will and will not work. I am on the right path – I will get there. I believe that.
Wow 21 days. Imagine not doing something for 21 days that you are used to doing frequently during that time. Fast Food, TV, drinking, etc… I have already learned that I have used "events" as excuses to drink and not because it would be nice to have a drink. I already see how much drinking was a part of my life and how much drinking is a part of peoples lives around me. Some realize it other do and don’t really care. For me I am going to drink again but I think after this year I will understand how it should and should not be a part of my life.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20

I have a new follower – SHALLY. Thanks for joining. I am struggling to find a routine that I can take with me the rest of my life. I have been a long way this past year and hope this year will be a great one!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19

It appears I have a new follower. JAMES welcome. In short I lost a bunch of weight fast put some of it back on so here I am…
Today when I hopped on the scale it was 212 and I sort of figured that was the case. I have been working out M/W/F and it does not seem to have made a difference – except maybe that the bleeding is a drip now and not a flow. Anyway, during my workout I had some thoughts about my weight gain… First thing that came to mind was "it is clear that I am not focused on this so I might as well stop until I get focused". I almost slapped myself while on the elliptical (that would have been fun for anyone watching). The second though came really quickly after the first and that was to go back to working out everyday and that would ensure that I will get back to losing weight. You know what… it would – but that is why I am here right now. I did not build a steady healthy lifestyle with my weight loss. So what do I do now? This is so hard - so so hard. I guess I need to stay with the M/W/F schedule of working out and find a way to stabilize my eating. Honestly I have had no control over my eating lately – fast food – chips – pop – it really has gotten out of control. I am glad that a part of my brain is sticking with the workout schedule but some other part of my brain is allowing mindless eating. This will be a challenge. I think that my first step in the right direction is eliminating fast food. That will start on my 23 day. If you remember from my blog someone once told me that if you do something for 22 days it is now a habit. Well I have been drink free for 19 days and once I reach the 22 days I will start the fast food 22 day countdown.
I don’t feel great about where I am at but I do feel like I am putting the right thoughts in my head and some of the right efforts are there. So as I would say… ONWARD!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17

Today's post will not be about me. It will be about Dawn - click on the link right here => DAWN'S BLOG " - who is going through major surgery. She lost over 200 pounds naturally and today is her body lift surgery. Pray for her and her family during this time. We are all pulling for you Dawn!!! Rest well!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14

Two weeks in and for the first day this year I think I feel strong. My breath is starting to get back again and I am having fewer struggles with myself to get up in the morning to go work out. I do feel good with where I am at and only see good things ahead this year. There is a huge hill by my house and I am going to take the kids sledding tomorrow – and the wife and I are going to get out for a bit tonight. Other than that I am just glad it is FRIDAY!!!
I have two new followers for my blog
"reneasskinnylove" and "Robin"
Thanks for joining. I am working through some issues with maintaining my weight and what to do with my "extra" time in my life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

Day 12 and everything is still on course. I always fear that in the beginning I don’t focus as much as I should and I start to fade out. This time does not appear to be that way. I am now 210 and I hope that is the highest I will be for the rest of my life. The goal is 190 and I have no idea when I will get there but I am on the right path.
Working out Monday/Wednesday/Friday feels right. While I was working out this morning I got the feeling that this is where I need to be. The gym the workout equipment the TV's the sweat the pain – it all seemed right. While I am there I do not think – oh shit when will it be over. I love working out and the feeling I have when I am done. I guess that is a great thing and will help to keep my but there 3 times a week.
This week as I have said is to get my rhythm back with working out and the next week is to start focusing in on family/invention/poker. Everything is on track.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Day ten and I feel pretty good. As you can see I got to the gym today and as usual I love the way I feel after a good workout. I was pissed to see my weight at 209 but honestly it could have been MUCH worse. I am glad I cut off the bleeding when I did. In the past when I got down to a good weight I put it all back on within a couple months and kept it on for no less than a year.
As far as the drinking I just did not realize how much it was a part of my life. I now see that the one drink before bed 2 times a week was such a routine that I just did not know what to do with myself this past week. The one thing I did in its place was to eat. Now that I am back in the gym it will be easier to keep the food away. But I really think it will be a positive thing to keep the drinks away this year.
While I was working out I realized some things. I was not really being true to myself when I was on my last journey to find harmony and lose 55 pounds. It's clear now that the weight loss part of it was more of a goal like my journey to Graduate from the University of Michigan. Let me explain – when I dropped out of school twice in pursuit of my engineering degree from Michigan I got to a point where I would have stopped at NOTHING to get my degree. I did stop at nothing. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was pregnant with my first child and I walked out the door to go to Ann Arbor to finish my degree. I did not walk out on her but she felt like I was. After the first week she realized that only my body was gone. I called all the time and spent all the weekends I could with her where she was staying. Once I got my degree I did not have to do anything to keep it. No one could take it away and I would have it for life… I looked at losing 55 pounds the same way. The only problem is I may NOT have it for life and someone CAN take it away – that someone being me. So now I need to look at this as a life style goal and not a diploma goal. The journey I was on was fun and exciting yes it was – but now I need to develop good habits that will stay with me for ever.
I have a new focus on things and now is a very exciting time for my life. This year will be important to the rest of my life…

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

Day 7 and I am glad it is Friday. I need to take the weekend and rest my mind and body. This week has been hard for me and I am glad it is done. I have been short tempered with my family and not so helpful at work. Monday marks the first day of my return to the gym and I am looking forward to it. It has been a few weeks now and I hope my body does not just say no and refuse to move… That would be funny.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will blog to you again after my first workout of 2011! See you then.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

So I have had some time now to clear my mind and think about how this year will play out. Monday will be the start of my M/W/F workouts. I think the main thing with eating will be having my last meal at dinner time! I will start with those two main things and the rest I believe will fall into place quickly.
I wanted to update everyone on a couple things going on. My wife and I are doing very well. Over the past couple months she has been telling me she loves me without being set up to do so. It has been years since I have heard her say that. So, we are doing well. My folks made the comment after the holidays were over that we looked so happy and I guess we are.
The step daughter has jumpstarted her adulthood by getting pregnant. There is so much I could say about all that but bottom line is that we have to prepare her for motherhood and have many talks with the other kids in the house. Her drama is moody now, not disrespectful and dangerous nonsense, so I guess that is good. I have raised my last infant so that being my mind state this may be difficult for me.
I took some time off of my blog to get my mind in order. I needed to get grounded in what my life challenges will be going forward so I am not constantly belly aching about things. I am there and think I can focus on everything that is my life.
As I like to say…

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

Today is day 5 of my new journey and I just feel tired, irritated, and jittery. I guess my body is getting adjusted to the journey. I thought about what the next few weeks are going to look like and at the base of it will need to be working out. That is the first thing I need to get in order. Sadly the workout facility (the dingy small shower one) has closed and I will need to spend an extra 40 minutes of driving time each day to make the gym. This is sort of a big deal and I need to get my mind prepared for it. I am taking one day at a time right now but I do feel the need to look ahead just a bit. Once I have gotten myself into a groove with working out the next in line will be getting my invention moving. I wrote more and then deleted it – this is enough for now. I have to take these days one at a time and stay slow and steady. So there it is. I want to keep things simple this year and plug away. I have a good feeling about this year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

Today marks day number four of my new journey. I have never had a new years resolution and continue to believe they are worthless. What is the difference between the beginning of a calendar year and 365 days that start February 18th? NOTHING. I believe timing is everything in this world we live in and this time is no different for me. The timing of my life made it so Friday December 31st was the last day I could take some of my old ways. I just could not take it anymore. Interesting that my 2010 blogs added up to 100 posts and that my new journey started on 1/1/11 – very interesting but irrelevant.
So what is in store for me this year? I guess it is the execution of some long awaited dreams for me. I have always wanted to get in a few large poker tournament fields (500+ or so) and see how I do. I have made it to final tables and won smaller tournaments but nothing substantial. I am good enough to sit at any final table in non professional events but I have never proven that. It is time, I believe, to make that happen. Also, I have been toying around with patents and business ideas for a long time now and have never made the final push to make it happen. I have always seen myself working for me (yours truly) and having no other boss but the ball and chain. These are two big things that are dreams for me and I have not done enough to make them happen.
Outside of those two things health and family will be heavy on my mind as well. I will be getting the kids involved in more activities and maintaining a sensible weight through controlled eating habits and exercise.
There it is. As I have blogged before the outline and plan is easy – the execution is the difficult part of life.
I know you all will be there to support – slow and steady as my friend Patrick once said to me!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Happy 2011 to all.
I hope the past couple months of the holiday season has gone well for everyone. I have struggled a bit and needed some time to get my mind together. So me and my mind (now a united front) are back to get things in order. Today's post will be simple just to let you know I am back. I will begin the 2011 journey tomorrow so please get use to tuning back into my life. It will be a year of weight loss, maintaining, personal happiness goal setting, family growth, and abstinence from drinking. Should be one great ride… Stay tuned.