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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19

It appears I have a new follower. JAMES welcome. In short I lost a bunch of weight fast put some of it back on so here I am…
Today when I hopped on the scale it was 212 and I sort of figured that was the case. I have been working out M/W/F and it does not seem to have made a difference – except maybe that the bleeding is a drip now and not a flow. Anyway, during my workout I had some thoughts about my weight gain… First thing that came to mind was "it is clear that I am not focused on this so I might as well stop until I get focused". I almost slapped myself while on the elliptical (that would have been fun for anyone watching). The second though came really quickly after the first and that was to go back to working out everyday and that would ensure that I will get back to losing weight. You know what… it would – but that is why I am here right now. I did not build a steady healthy lifestyle with my weight loss. So what do I do now? This is so hard - so so hard. I guess I need to stay with the M/W/F schedule of working out and find a way to stabilize my eating. Honestly I have had no control over my eating lately – fast food – chips – pop – it really has gotten out of control. I am glad that a part of my brain is sticking with the workout schedule but some other part of my brain is allowing mindless eating. This will be a challenge. I think that my first step in the right direction is eliminating fast food. That will start on my 23 day. If you remember from my blog someone once told me that if you do something for 22 days it is now a habit. Well I have been drink free for 19 days and once I reach the 22 days I will start the fast food 22 day countdown.
I don’t feel great about where I am at but I do feel like I am putting the right thoughts in my head and some of the right efforts are there. So as I would say… ONWARD!

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