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Monday, January 3, 2011

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Happy 2011 to all.
I hope the past couple months of the holiday season has gone well for everyone. I have struggled a bit and needed some time to get my mind together. So me and my mind (now a united front) are back to get things in order. Today's post will be simple just to let you know I am back. I will begin the 2011 journey tomorrow so please get use to tuning back into my life. It will be a year of weight loss, maintaining, personal happiness goal setting, family growth, and abstinence from drinking. Should be one great ride… Stay tuned.


  1. Oh I do love a good ride. Glad to see you back. Happy new year!

  2. Patrick
    It should be fun. Hope you are well!!!
    What a horrible bowl season so far for the big ten. All the coaches may not have their job in a couple months.

  3. Yep, sad bowl season when Illinois and Iowa go on to win early 'gravy' bowl games and then the best of the conference go 0-5 on N.Y. Day. One to go, we'll see what Ohio State does tonight

    You may know I am more faithful to Northern Illinois than Big10 teams, fun seeing them win big in their early bowl game.

  4. Welcome back, great to see you!