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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

I have a new follower - Bringing Pretty Back – welcome. I have a standard statement I am using for new followers to catch up – I lost a bunch of weight really fast – put some of it back on – and now I am trying to get back down to that goal weight with a slow and steady approach.
Day 26 and I am now down to 207. It seems I am losing weight at the same rate as before when I was working out everyday and watching everything I ate. It feels much easier to stay on the road I am on then the last month of my initial journey AND the three months leading up to my current journey. I am not so focused on every little thing and it is giving me a peace that I did not have during my "mad man" workouts and food intake.
However I have been irritated for no apparent reason the past couple days. Maybe it has to do with the drinks maybe not. I hope it passes. I am being a bit of an ass with my family the past couple days…
O.K. I need the weekend to be here already.


  1. Glad the workouts and weight loss seem to be going so well right now. Sorry you've been feeling irritated the past few days. Sometimes I really do think men have their time of month too *smile* so hopefully it will pass in a few days.

  2. bbubblyb:
    MenPeriods huh? Well maybe… but we never have to take time off in certain departments if you know what I mean... we always ready always willing!

  3. Like the looks of your chart moving downward. Keep on doing what works!