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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 - New follower

K. Garner – welcome. Long story short – I lost a bunch of weight really fast – put some of it back on – and now I am trying to get back down to that goal weight with a slow and steady approach. Should be interesting where I am at in a month…


  1. Interesting indeed... I am here watching and expecting big things from this veteran winner!

  2. Patrick:
    Veteran maybe... winner the jury is still out!

  3. Good luck in your weight loss! I see you have lost almost 40 pounds! That is awesome!!
    Have a pretty day!

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  5. I'm cheering for you...I'm in the same boat, lost a lot of weight, then got pregnant, so now I'm trying to lose baby weight and then some...Good Luck and well done on your progress so far...Thx for the shout out post...Kizzez K. Garner

  6. SPeed up the curls huh; I am no pro at this but is there benefot to performing the exercise at a faster rate?

  7. Bringing Pretty Back:
    Thank you. I put 22 pounds back on after losing 55 it was not a happy time there for a little while.
    Mz_ Piggie:
    Thanks – I need a cheering section. All too often I think people believe they have no one supporting them and it does feel good when people are cheering and supporting you.
    All I have heard about building muscle mass and strength is to "task" your body. Slow and steady is better than nothing for your muscles but get more out of your workouts seeing how you are spending the time to do it… Speed it up or hold the curl half way up to have your muscles doing more. I would recommend doing both in rotation.