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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Day ten and I feel pretty good. As you can see I got to the gym today and as usual I love the way I feel after a good workout. I was pissed to see my weight at 209 but honestly it could have been MUCH worse. I am glad I cut off the bleeding when I did. In the past when I got down to a good weight I put it all back on within a couple months and kept it on for no less than a year.
As far as the drinking I just did not realize how much it was a part of my life. I now see that the one drink before bed 2 times a week was such a routine that I just did not know what to do with myself this past week. The one thing I did in its place was to eat. Now that I am back in the gym it will be easier to keep the food away. But I really think it will be a positive thing to keep the drinks away this year.
While I was working out I realized some things. I was not really being true to myself when I was on my last journey to find harmony and lose 55 pounds. It's clear now that the weight loss part of it was more of a goal like my journey to Graduate from the University of Michigan. Let me explain – when I dropped out of school twice in pursuit of my engineering degree from Michigan I got to a point where I would have stopped at NOTHING to get my degree. I did stop at nothing. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was pregnant with my first child and I walked out the door to go to Ann Arbor to finish my degree. I did not walk out on her but she felt like I was. After the first week she realized that only my body was gone. I called all the time and spent all the weekends I could with her where she was staying. Once I got my degree I did not have to do anything to keep it. No one could take it away and I would have it for life… I looked at losing 55 pounds the same way. The only problem is I may NOT have it for life and someone CAN take it away – that someone being me. So now I need to look at this as a life style goal and not a diploma goal. The journey I was on was fun and exciting yes it was – but now I need to develop good habits that will stay with me for ever.
I have a new focus on things and now is a very exciting time for my life. This year will be important to the rest of my life…


  1. I love hearing you sound so positive again. I never looked at it like that where something you achieve then you are just done and it can't be taken from you which is very true. But weight loss/maintainence I've heard described like being a pilot you are always having to re-adjust things as you go to fly right/straight. It really is a balancing act. I look forward to following along with you this year and seeing how great you do acheiving your goals. ONWARD!

  2. bbubblyb
    I raced forward not realizing how hard it was going to be to sustain any of that momentum once it was over. Now I will look at these days as being a pilot in training!