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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

I have a new follower – welcome paleo gurl – you can go back through my posts to see whats going on but the short of it is that I lost a bunch of weight real fast put some of it back on now I am trying to get back down to that weight and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.
So I made it to the workout spot this morning and I was happy to see 208. I am certainly making strides in my overall approach to eating and working out. I feel a balance coming over me and it feels good. So this is also 24 days of no drinking in 2011 and it has been surprisingly less difficult that I thought it would be. During the football games this weekend I wanted to partake in the festivities but soon after the kickoff I was happy with my cranberry and ice… I had fun playing lasertag with my kids, nieces, nephews on Saturday and then sledding down a BIG hill Sunday late morning. Always fun to get the cousins together they don’t get to see each other much. I think the activity this weekend helped with the 208 I posted today. Staying active during the weekends are a goal of mine too.
To those who have followed my blog for a little while I have completed my prototype of my invention and it works surprisingly well!!! I am extremely excited. I think part of the focus on completing the prototype came from not drinking this year so far. Really there are just a few minutes here and there I have for such things and if I spend them dragging because I drank the night before things just don’t get done. So as I like to say at times like these… ONWARD.


  1. I'm so excited for you that you got your prototype working. Sounds like you are really doing good with your new year plans. Only 24 days in and you've made huge progress. I'm so proud of you. Way to go.

  2. Glad to hear you have stayed true to you goal & have not been drinking in 2011, excellent. And it may have helped you focus on your invention, how cool is that!

  3. Bbubblyb:
    I do think I have made progress on all fronts. Thanks.
    I think it has a lot to do with it. I am excited that it actually worked. You never really know if something will work like you want it to until you physically put it together. Now the streamline process will commence. There is a lot of work I need to do to make it Manufacture friendly.