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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

Today marks day number four of my new journey. I have never had a new years resolution and continue to believe they are worthless. What is the difference between the beginning of a calendar year and 365 days that start February 18th? NOTHING. I believe timing is everything in this world we live in and this time is no different for me. The timing of my life made it so Friday December 31st was the last day I could take some of my old ways. I just could not take it anymore. Interesting that my 2010 blogs added up to 100 posts and that my new journey started on 1/1/11 – very interesting but irrelevant.
So what is in store for me this year? I guess it is the execution of some long awaited dreams for me. I have always wanted to get in a few large poker tournament fields (500+ or so) and see how I do. I have made it to final tables and won smaller tournaments but nothing substantial. I am good enough to sit at any final table in non professional events but I have never proven that. It is time, I believe, to make that happen. Also, I have been toying around with patents and business ideas for a long time now and have never made the final push to make it happen. I have always seen myself working for me (yours truly) and having no other boss but the ball and chain. These are two big things that are dreams for me and I have not done enough to make them happen.
Outside of those two things health and family will be heavy on my mind as well. I will be getting the kids involved in more activities and maintaining a sensible weight through controlled eating habits and exercise.
There it is. As I have blogged before the outline and plan is easy – the execution is the difficult part of life.
I know you all will be there to support – slow and steady as my friend Patrick once said to me!!!


  1. I learned long ago not to make resolutions, they are poison as I see them. Only because they are made on Jan. 1 and most often not made in a thoughtful approach like 'SMART'. Resolutions are not goals unless the thought to really achieve is put to them; most resolutions never get that degree of thought. Without the needed thought, abandonment is inevitable.

    On the surface I do believe there is a point to making a resolution, just as there is a point to making goals. I believe we need to 'make & work' at goals to become better at whatever we desire. The key to what I just said is "& work"... when we set goals we truly desire, we put a plan in place, we check our progress, and when we see a need to make adjustments to ensure success, we change the plan. That is the difference between goals & resolutions, when we realize our resolutions are not working out the change we make to the non-plan in place is to abandon the resoltuion because we know we can make another go at it again next Jan. 1st

    But you know all of that; that is exactly what you did on 2010 when you dropped your weight & made a number of positive life changes.

    Go gett'em at the poker tables & Stay Resolute Every Day!

  2. Hmmm poker tournament, that's a new one I hadn't heard before *smile*. Glad to see you back blogging with goals in mind and good vibes to push you forward. Look forward to following along.

  3. Patrick
    Patrick the wordsmith… I think we are saying the same thing here. I will parallel your response to something a manager said to me in 1996 that still holds true for me today – Write out a one year plan and a five year plan and keep it in your wallet and look at it several times a month. You will be surprised how many things come true on that list… one year plan – resolution… I guess we are speaking the same language.
    Bbubbly bbubbly bbubbly
    I will let you slide on this one. You have had so much positive feedback through out time together… go back through some posts and you will see my desire for the poker tables…

  4. Wow, very exciting! My best friend is a dealer but I think she primarily works with Blackjack. Having never played before, I'm clueless, LOL.