Weight Loss Tracker

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166 of 365, 45.5% complete

Day 166 and I feel great. I know I have not had much time blog but my new job is taking my morning time and that is when I usually blog and update my blog world. My weight of 206 is great to see. I thought I had reached my "sustainable weight" level. What I mean by that is I have been eating pretty much the same over the past two months and I don’t see that changing much. I have to make a full out effort to change some things about my eating habits to get my weight to lower. I am not comfortable with being 206 but I think I would be comfortable with being 199. If I keep myself out of the 200 range I think I will be happy. I hope that my weight can still keep going down because right now I don’t really want to change what and how I am eating.
I also ate some fast food so my consecutive days have ended. It was A&W with the family but still it was fast food type food. Since I have not eaten any and that also feels good. I have taken fast food out of my mind and even though I am not consciously keeping away from it my mind does not want it so I think I am doing well.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153 of 365 42% complete

Day 153 almost at that half way point. It certainly feels good to have gotten this far. I must say that over the past month it has been more difficult than at any other point. I am stronger for it now I know that. My fast food days straight are 46 days and counting. I don’t even really want to these days so that is a GREAT feeling.

I have not blogged much the past few weeks mostly because of my new work schedule. Over the past week I have not gone to the gym at all because I have been really sick and it has been something I have never had before. It is a cold/flue but it knocked me on my butt. Temp of 102, migraines, and horrible body fatigue. I am back up to about 85%. That was something awful. My weight right now is 207 (not official because it is my bathroom scale). I have maintained my weight through my sickness over the past week or so.
I am not going anywhere. I have things to accomplish!!!