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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Still Here

I haven't gone anywhere. I am still checkin in on my blog and others as well. There's been some real heavy things going on in my personal life and I did not want my blog to turn into a pity party for poor old me. I felt my blog was drifting away from what its purpose and intent was when I started my journey on May 2nd. It started as documenting my struggles to loss weight and find peace TO here are all the things going wrong with my life.

I want to be an inspiration for weight loss and maintaining. I know our personal lives are a part of it but more of my focus for this blog needs to be on the weight aspect of my life.

I wish much strength to my weight loss people out there and I will be back soon to blog daily on my maintaining... Sometime early December I think I will be back blogging everyday.