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Friday, May 20, 2011

140 of 365

Day 140 of my journey. In all honesty I must say that the only time this journey of mine is difficult is when I hang out with friends or watch sports. That is interesting in itself. The next difficult bridge will be when tailgating season starts. I have put that out of my head because I don’t even want to think about how difficult that is going to be when the time comes. So for now I keep building my resistance and when that time comes I will be prepared. 33 days into my open ended challenge to see how long I can go without fast food… This may end up being difficult after a couple weeks but we will see. Finally my weight… 208. It feels like a good weight and really all I have done is try to cut back on night eating and keeping with my 3 days a week workout regimen.
To everyone out there that is struggling to find some strength please keep reading my blog. The drinking and weight loss thing is building momentum and maybe just maybe you can get some strength from me.

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