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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138 of 365, 37.8% complete

Day 138… 37.8% complete Wow I have been at this for a good amount of time now. I have not been blogging and posting comments on others blogs lately because I have been extremely busy with work and family and my morning time is being occupied by meetings. I have to find another time to dedicate to my blogging so I can stay on top of mine and others blogs. My weight is holding at 210 right now. I guess that’s ok but I really want to see it down at least 10 right now. I eat too much. That is the bottom line. Until I get serious about reducing my intake my weight will not go down. I just don’t know why I refuse to do something about that. My 30 day Fast Food challenge is complete now. I see a direct relationship between my weight and adult acne with eliminating fast food from my diet. I think as I go forward that I will just leave it alone completely. I enjoy not having to deal with the facial issues and added weight. Lets see how long I go without a challenge in front of me.
Other than that I think I am on a new path with my invention and starting to work on it again. So as I like to say – ONWARD!!!

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  1. Yep it's definitely about the amount of food, I'm there with you. Over my time of maintaining where I am I've come to realize it's also about where we are comfortable and if we are healthy even with an extra 10-20 lbs on us. It's about what is worth giving up and for me I'm just not willing to give up more food or I would do it. Maybe at some point I will become willing but for now I'm ok with where I am. As for the acne I get it too when I'm eating sweets. So definitely a good reason for both of us to stay away from those foods. Yes ONWARD!!!