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Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 115 of 365

Day 115 of my Original Journey and Day 8 of my new Fast Food Challenge! Easter weekend went by and everything is still good with my journey this year. Usually this time of year gets a lot of hangin out and drinks with Family. Not this year! O.K. so I am still good with my Fast Food challenge but Oh Boy I ate up some stuff this weekend at My families celebration and my Wife's Family celebration. I only gained one pound and that is just crazy. I would have never believed it but I saw it with my own eyes this morning on the scale. To be completely honest I could have called it 211 anyway. Let me explain… what I usually do to determine my weight is that I get on the scale and the pointer circles around until it settles on a weight. If the pointer is even a fraction above the weight line I will call it the next full pound. Today, the pointer was just barely over 211 so I had to call it 212 but in all actuality I stayed the same weight from my weigh in on Wednesday.
Family always adds some interesting twists to holidays and my family added some. What I have grown to accept is that you can only control what you do in life and be happy with what and how you are living. Really there is nothing else. So I had to brush off some things and keep it moving. Nothing can get in the way of what I am going to accomplish this year. The path in front of me is so clear that I could paint that path in a real life Picasso and convince people it was one of his!!!


  1. Holiday get togethers are so food tempting aren't they? More are not far ahead of us. Keeping a clear mind of what you want and how you will get there sounds like a good way to face those temptations and show them who is in control.

  2. Patrick
    Thanks for the encouragement. Family is so hard to deal with from time to time. There was so much good food!!! I am surprised that I did not gain 10 pounds!