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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118 of 365

Day 118 of 365 still good – Day 11 of 30 still good! Yesterday I did make it out to the gym and I weighed in at 211. I was really busy and have been going through some things lately. My resolve on my journey is being tested. Some things are just not going the way I want them to.
Question - What do people do when they become stressed? How do people handle stress in life? This is a question that justifies most bad actions for people. People use eating, drinking, abuse, drugs, and the list goes on. My sister recently had a disk in her spine that ruptured and is in a lot of pain. She smokes and there has been research that links smoking to back pain and spinal deterioration. She has been going through back pain for years and has been smoking for years as well. She is in the hospital right now and says that it's just too hard to quit smoking. The stress of her life is such that she needs this outlet. Considering the alternative I just don’t understand why we decide to hurt ourselves more when we are going through stressful periods in our life and are already hurting. I am no angel and have justified stress relievers of my own – but why do we need to do this? We want the pain to go away – numb it - most of the time we just don’t care how we just want it to go away. We are a society of "get it right now". Pleasure and stress relief are at the top of the list. How do we condition our brains to go in a different direction? I just don’t know. I will be giving this some thought over the next few weeks.

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