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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45

Heart Day… The made up holiday to spend money… If we are doing our jobs we don’t need a holiday to hand out flowers, gifts, and cards. I don’t spend money on this day and I do not end up in the dog house for it. WHY? Because I try and make lots of days valentines day and do special things all the time.
206 this is a really good weight. It means I maintained my weight over the weekend which is a notorious time to gain a pound or two. I am happy and there seems to be a rhythm these days with my day to day activities. I wanted to report out on something  PATRICK (click on his name to see the post) asked us to post last week…
This week my eating plan contains – NO FOOD AFTER DINNER – MAYBE LIGHT FRUIT SNACK… ACHIEVED!!!
This week I will take a box of toothpicks and – MAKE A STICK FIGURES WITH MY KIDS… not exactly… Two of my kids have February birthdays so we combined them to have one party and had 30+ kids there… um I wish I had made stick figures… that party wore me out
This week my exercise will consist of M/W/F 40 MINUTE ELLIPTICAL WORKOUTS… ACHIEVED!!!

This week when I stumble from plan I will immediately – CRY THEN BLOG TO PATRICK AND TELL HIM ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT IT. Did not stumble so I did not need to cry to Patrick.
This week I will take that odd-sock from the laundry and – TOSS IT – YUKE. DONE!!!
This week I will challenge myself to try – AND NOT EAT AFTER DINNER… ACHIEVED!!!
This week I imagine myself punching the snot out of MYSELF! Did not falter so I did not punch myself!!!


  1. Now that is what I call a successful week. Odd Sock - DONE!


  2. Patrick
    Thanks! It was a good week. This one has been real busy work wise but still on track with no eating after dinner!