Weight Loss Tracker

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40

207 – that is great to see! It has a lot to do with me not eating after dinner… I have successfully not eaten after dinner for two straight days. Now when I say eat what I really mean is eating a true "MEAL" after dinner. I started eating a full meal around 9:30/10:00 at night. I am not sure why but I was getting hungry and eventually a snack turned into a full meal. Now that I am focusing on this meal I need to eliminate the weight is coming down. I have not done anything different in my day to day except for eliminating my forth full meal of the day.
This does not come as a surprise because when I lost all my weight the first time around I was not eating full meals at night. Somehow I just lost my way for a little while. Good to be back on track.
ONWARD people ONWARD!!!!


  1. 207, nice looking number! Next stop, 206, 205...

  2. Patrick
    207 is a nice looking number and 206 looks even better!!!