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Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Award Recipients

I'm not sure if I am supposed to create a blogger award and pass it along – but that is exactly what I am going to do. I have had an extremely hard start in pursuing my new phase of goals. This past couple weeks have seen eating and drinking the likes of which I have not had since before May 2nd (The start of my 50 pounds and a new life). I have not started working on my financial goals which is very important to me and family right now. That has bummed me out quite a bit. In the face of all that – there are two bloggers that need to get attention. The reality is that most if not all of you are already aware of them but need to know something that I have seen recently. Patrick and Rapunzel are two bloggers that I had as friends from the beginning and at first they were the only two responding to anything I wrote. Now I find myself feeding off their positive energy. They have found a rhythm and a groove. They are following the beat of their life which is grounded in family, friends, and a focus that I have not seen from either of them since I started blogging on May 2nd. Just when I was ready to really start to slide backwards, these two bloggers and their positive inner energies have FUELED my empty tank. I created this "Fuel For Life" award because I wanted to honor two bloggers that have inspired me and have fueled my tank enough to stop the backwards slide and try to regain my focus on things. Thank you.

Fuel For Life Award

This award is granted to bloggers who have given someone fuel for strength so they can move onward.
I hereby grant the following bloggers the Fuel For Life Award:
1. List three things that you are happy about at this very moment
2. List three things that played a big part in your current focus on weight loss and inner growth
3. Pass this award on to a blogger that you feel really deserves it


  1. You are very kind to honor me with this very thoughtful award. I will certainly follow through on it's instructions with my post in the next day or two.

    Your blog, your journey has been quite inspirational to me and i follow along closely. It means allot to me to know you feel my contributions here have benefited you in some way. When i started blogging I didn't expect anythign more than a place to log what i was doing and pick up some tips from others. How low my expectations were then as I've gainded so much more from this experience thanks to bloggers such as you.

    Stay focused, stay true to yourself and what it wants to do now. Harness the experiences of your past, leverage what you can from us your fellow bloggers and friends, and go get what it is you desire. You've proved you can get it done!

    Thanks again!

  2. Right on guys you deserve it!! Patrick has inspired me more than once!

  3. Well deserved!!! Congrats Patrick and Rapunzel!

  4. I LOVE this award! How cool of you to do this! You are doing so well and I've enjoyed catching up on your blog since Patrick directed me here. I think you are doing AWESOME!

  5. Thank you so much, my friend! You know that this goes both ways, you have supported and encouraged me so that I am finally getting my tush in gear! I am honored to receive this award. :)

  6. You both deserve it. Sometimes I make things all about myself. However, through my blogging experience, losing 50 pounds, and gaining a new life it has shown me it's ok to make things about others. I felt it was important to honor two people who had no reason to communicate with an unknown, unnamed blogger cloaked by anonymity – misunderstood-and-admired.