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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

190 – Inside WW

I'm starting to find it hard to stick to my commitments right now. I am getting up in the morning and working out but eating and all the other items for some reason are on hold. I have tried to dig deep inside me to figure out why. I have come up with a couple things. I know myself pretty well and I have decided just simply to not do it yet. Why I'm not quite sure. I have plenty of energy and desire to eat right and get my financial goals moving but the motivation is not there. I am forcing myself to look at those zeros on the charts every day and it is keeping me focused on finding that motivation to get started. I had a pretty good excuse last week (excuses are like…) but what about this week? No pretty good excuses this week.
I have told other bloggers to find that motivation anywhere you can and act on it. Time to take my own advice and find that motivation and BOTTLE it so I can have a drink of that goodness every morning when I wake up! ONWARD!


  1. I've found that some weeks are just better than others. I'm sure you'll find that motivation soon enough. As you said ONWARD!