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Monday, September 20, 2010

194 Outside WW

Rock and Glass – Water and Oil – Gas and sparks… None of these really go together - neither does tailgating and weight loss/sustaining weight. I am in for the fight of my life. I will need to focus and work harder than ever to keep my focus on first getting back into my weight window and second staying there for the next two months of tailgating. I find it humbling (not frustrating) continuing to document all the zeros on my charts and seeing the weight loss chart outside my WW. Is making me take a long look at myself…
Now that I have some fuel from my two favorite bloggers on the net this week started off pretty well. I made it to the workout spot and had a FULL workout. Feels good. This week should be different with my focus – stay tuned! ONWARD!


  1. Well I am definitely statying tuned, no worries there. Can I ask, how much motivation do you draw from the charts you do? I assume a good deal, and no doubt you have a good chart skills so as a fan they are cool to look on with.

    In previous attempts to lose weight muself I went nuts with charting, logging, counting everything. And I always seemed to hit a point where it became cumbersome. And worse when the numbers didnt go so good it even became a bit of a de-motivator. I'd not want to post up another zero loss, or a gain, and then just stopped the charting stuff and then soon after stopped that mission. I know, how weak of me.

    Just hoping that you are not experiencing the same thing in any way. I don't really sense that you are, I was just reminded of that bit of my past experience and thought I'd share it.


  2. The charts are something that I use as motivation and at no point do they become a "chore". I love seeing the progression of my life as simple as "there it is" "look at it" I am able to see when I was weak and when I was strong and draw different things from both. I appreciate the comment and please cut it out - you are not weak by any means. We all have what works for us and for me it is in part using charts to see where I have been, to be able to see more clearly where I am going, and where I am suppose to be going.