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Monday, September 27, 2010

191 – outside WW

I am where I thought I would be so no mad man workout today :)

Monday mornings after a tailgating weekend are the hardest to battle through. I was still feeling tired and resting off the weekend and really did not want to get up. Hard to deal with Mondays. BUT, if I successfully battle through them it makes the whole week more enjoyable. Starting off the right way carries on through the week!!!



  1. Good for you that you got up and did your workout this morning, Mondays can be tough.

  2. bbubblyb - My hat is off to you. I went by your blog and I am upset that it took me so long. You're before and after pictures are amazing. I will keep going by your blog I know maintaining will be a problem area for me and it looks like you have that down pat. Thanks again for visiting my blog and being a regular comment person. I do not know how you and Patrick do it with so many people as followers.