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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

191 – Outside old WW – Inside Original WW

If you remember I started off saying that my WW was going to be 188 to 192 which now seems to be more realistic. I am not sure how I got down to 186 before… I think it was making me feel weak and sick. I have held off as long as I could but I think my WW needs to be 188 to 192. I thought for a while that if I changed it, it would mean that I have been defeated. I don’t see it that way anymore - today was key in coming to that conclusion. I ate well yesterday and kept to all of my rules. I had a good workout yesterday and still I maintained a weight of 191. In the past I certainly would have lost a pound given the previous 24 hours of eating and working out. I feel comfortable changing it so it is done.
So I want to share with everyone a piece of my morning routine. Everyday I get up between 4:45 and 5:00am to begin my daily journey. I eat breakfast and then look through my trusty list (every morning) to make sure I have not forgot anything… basically this list is comprised of things I have forgotten:

Dress shoes – yeah that was a fun day wearing my gym shoes with slacks

Phones – I have a personal and work phone. My personal phone is my iphone and it holds the music I listen to in the morning so forgetting this is TERRIBLE. Forgetting the work phone makes my day impossible to get through.

Wallet – this contains my work badge so I can't get in the gates at work if I forget this. I used to forget it and dealing with security is irritating.

Money – I need a little cash on hand each day

Rings – this used to mean wedding and school, then went to just school, and soon it will mean both again : )

Chap Lip – this is chap-stick. My lips get dry a lot. I call it chap lip because of a reality show one time…

Dress Shirt – yeah that was fun having to go shopping at Meijer's at 7:30 in the morning with just a jacket on and no shirt. Sure am glad I had a jacket to wear… the sweaty t-shirt would have been awful if I had to wear it shopping. Oh yeah Meijers has great dress shirts - LOL

Head phones – I need these to listen to my music so forgetting them makes the workout harder. I need something to take my mind off the pain and monotony.

Water Bottle – ummm yeah - I will pass out if I don’t hydrate right after working out.

Towel – this was fun drying myself off with the one little spot on my workout shirt that was not soiled…

Underwear – Anyone who has seen Seinfeld will laugh because I had to go commando for an entire day at work. I did not have time to go to Meijers to get a pair. So, I kept it to myself and did not let anyone know… it was actually fun – I considered doing it full time : )

Laptop – Yeah – no work will get done without this – on that day I actually had to go back home to get it.

Lunch – not so critical but I try not to spend a lot of money on lunches it can get expensive.

This was a look into my morning – hope you had fun!



  1. Changing your WW is just fine. You have the benefit now of more time, and data, and if you see a pattern in those results AND you feel comfortable with it healthwise, then change it and commit to it just like anything else. Now if you move that WW up to between 325 - 340, then we need to talk. But 188 - 192 sounds like a nice tight, but manageable range. And who knows, after some more months of the exercise which you have adopted, you may well see a need to move it again up or down a bit. As long as you feel healthy & like how it feels / looks.

    And whatever you do, don't forget that undewear...

    Have Fun!

  2. I think it is far more realistic and your only allowing yourself to go over by 2 pounds!!!! So no difference.

  3. Patrick - Thanks for the support. I do feel good with changing it - I know now that I had to. Oh yeah - I try real hard not to forget - but commando is liberating... Joke! I do not condone this activity for anyone ready!!!
    Dan – Thanks for the support. Like I said t Patrick I know I had to change it. It's all good!

  4. I don't see anything wrong with changing your window a few lbs either.

    I think I could use a morning list myself seems at least once a week I'm forgetting something.

    I'm laughing because commando is how my 13 yr old goes all the time lol. We keep telling him no wonder he's always ichy (hmm maybe that was to much information lol). Anyway, it's good to laugh, thanks.

  5. bbubblyb - YES - TMI!!!
    Lists are good. I would be lost without my morning list. LAUGHTER is good. I need to keep it in my life.

  6. I love lists! They are absolutely necessary. I'm laughing because I once went to a board meeting commando because I forgot undies in my gym bag. And....I haven't forgotten since.

  7. Dr. Fat To Fit - Board meeting huh? You must have been trying to keep your laughter and embarrassment to yourself the whole time. Who knew commando would be the word of the day. LOL.