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Friday, September 24, 2010

190 within WW

190… 190… what an interesting number. The same number that I spent three hard months obtaining is the same number that angered me this morning. Here is why; I dropped weight everyday this week until today where I picked up a pound. After that pound I was 190. I looked at the scale and actually got mad. I stepped off and weighed myself again. Yes 190. I was furious. This sparked the most intense workout I have ever had. I had personal bests for total calories burned on the elliptical and I increased the weight resistance on my ab, nautilus, and free weight sets. Truly a MAD MAN workout today.
WOW. I really picked up a pound and now I weigh 190. But I should be happy that I am at 190 right? This is the weight I strived for all this time. What does this mean? It means that the excessive business lunch I ate, along with the excessive dinner I ate, and finally the excessive snack I ate at 9:30pm all added up to one more pound on the books. Maybe I figured since I have been working out like a mad man this week that I would be O.K. WRONG. I am really struggling with finding my eating groove and until that happens, my weight will continue to fluctuate. At this point I do not have the luxury to take ANY days off from working out like a mad man. I would really enjoy if I could sleep in an additional 2 hours before work. That is the time commitment I need to workout. 2 whole hours. It would be nice to be able to take that two hours as sleep but right now there is no way.

Looks like I will keep the funny videos coming and I will post them on Wednesdays.

O.K. So, I will commit to everyone right now that when the time comes (which is not that far away) I will post a couple pictures and a vlog of me. I don't think I will mesh with what you may expect… it will be interesting. As far as Patrick – he could not have been any more "right on" with what I expected. I think a large part of that (no pun intended) is that I have seen pictures of him to ground my opinions.

I have not spoken about the wife in a while. I guess that is because things are going so well with us. I should post positive comments of her. So yesterday at my sons soccer game she tells me that one of her co-workers commented that she has a great man and is so nice. He is such a good thing. This statement from the coworker was brewing for a while. She has been around me at my wife's job and tailgating. But, yesterday is why it came out. My wife locked herself out of the house and I drove 45 miles (one way) to bring her a key so she could get back in the house. I had to move some things around at work so I could do it. So the wife told me the comment was made and her response to her coworker was, "yes I know. I really know." I did not know what to say but just smiled.

O.K. people – ONWARD!


  1. I'm smiling, so happy about things with the wife going so well. I really do think when a person feels happier about themself the people around them do too. Sweet of you to drive all the way home to take her the key too. As for the 190 it's where you want to be so celebrate you're there. Seems getting there and then staying there is all the same game. Hope you have a great weekend. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. bbubblyb - very true first two sentences. I know I should be happy with 190 I was just surprised (and should not have been) to gain a pound this week of all weeks. Yeah I think it will be fun to finally let people see me.

  3. Good news that all goes well on the marriage front. Excellent commitment to your workout. Two hours is quite a bit of time and should definitely payoff. Do take a day of rest here & there, rest fuels recovery and is not a bad thing. Can't wait to see the pics & vlog!

  4. Be careful you don't getting into a routine that is unsustainable for the long term.

    The weight gain could just be water weight fluctuation. You may also be gaining muscle weight.

  5. chewy - I am certainly in a routine that is unsustainable for the long term. There is no question there. Right now I am battling enjoying my tailgating without counting calories AND excessive workouts. Tough time period but at this point I guess I choose to keep my tailgates the way they are and commit to more workouts. I fluctuate so much with my weight it is ridiculous. I believe a lot of it is water weight since my Pre and post workout numbers can differ by 3-4 pounds. Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate all comments and look forward to more. Take care.

  6. Patrick - not sure how to fit rest days in with tailgate season... I will think on it...