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Thursday, September 23, 2010

189 – Within WW

I viewed Patrick's vlog and thought I may do this at some point. Really introduce you all to me… Maybe.
O.K. so tailgate weekend is coming and I have dropped enough pounds to feel PERFECT with my weight loss transgressions.
I thought that I wanted to add something to my blog because the "guessing pics" and vlog that Patrick has seem to be a hit. For me I love to see funny video clips. For me laughing is some of the best medicine. So I think I will post funny clips either Thursday or Friday of each week.
PLEASE note that you may see other videos in the list along the margins but I do not endorse any video that does not pop right up when you click on the link I provide.
If you like these please let me know I will stop if it is not taken well.


  1. Awesome your weight has come down!!!!

  2. I don't think I've seen Patrick's vlog will have to look for it. I'm all for laughing *smile*.

  3. I would love to see a vlog from you! I'm so curious about what you "really" look like! :)

  4. Dan - Thanks. it is extremely hard right now to keep my weight inside my window. With tailgating and not really finding a groove during the week with my eating, it is so hard to stay consistent.
    bbubblyb - I think I will keep going with the laughs once a week. Maybe I will do hump day Wednesday...
    Rapunzel - I know. I am curious to know if all my words and posts mesh with my physical look. Not sure I am what anyone will expect if I post a vlog. One way or another I will let you all know what I look like. With anything I do, there is a process and timeline and the timeline is not up yet. Close but not there.