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Friday, September 3, 2010

190 pre workout – 187 post workout… Just in time to!

I am about to enter the tailgate season for Michigan Football. I try and make it to all home games for tailgating. It gets to be a strain with the driving, parking, and late nights but it is part of who I am and this time of year is always my favorite. I said "Just in time" because anyone who has ever done ANY tailgating in their life knows there are temptations EVERYWHERE to have a bad food/drink day. The way I take it is that I will have my fun but if I don’t take Monday and Tuesday seriously in the gym and eating I will have to change the way I tailgate and that will NOT be fun. I should have put tailgating on my list of ten and I will change it now… O.K. done. Can you tell what I changed???
RANPUNZEL –Hope all is well!


  1. Back down to 190 in short time, excellent. Challenging holiday weekend coming up, tail gating is something I've done allot of myself, not too many salads around tail gates. Lots of beer which many consider to be a veggie. For me cutting way down on beer is probably the best way to survive a tail gate.

    I am guessing what you changed is your profession; you are now the starting QB for Michigan? Oh wait, they don't get paid do they...

    I went to a Michigan game at The Big House about 5 or so years ago. The Northern Illinois Huskies paid them a visit early one season sowe made the trip, my wife is an NIU alumni. Good time, minus teh score of the game that is.

  2. Patrick - I was talking about my list of ten things I like that I changed to include the tailgate...

  3. I know exactly what you mean about tail gating. I go home for all the OU games. Boomer Sooner!

    This year I am facing some challenges with the healthy eating. Stadium food, alcohol, and dinners after, going out with friends. All that is temptation waiting to happen.

    BUT, on the bright side, there is TONS of walking, and it takes a lot of energy to stand and cheer and yell at the refs and jump up and down.

    I love love love love love me some football! SOOO happy it's back!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Nope, never been tailgating but sounds like you always have a great time. Way to go on the scale going down. Hope you have a terrific weekend.

  5. Dr. Fat To Fit - People invent ways to be unhealthy at tailgates - its actually quite impressive.
    bbubblyb - You must get to one before your life is over. It's something you though does not really exists in the real world. You have a great weekend.

  6. I am not a sports fan..actually, that's putting it mildly. I hate sports, lol! However, My Man loooves football so I become a football widow at this time of year. While I'm not tempted by tailgating food, there is always an abundance of chips/dip/beers, etc around the house during football season so I will have to resist that nasty stuff.

    Congrats on your continued success, I am so happy for you! :)