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Thursday, September 2, 2010

193 – Back on the right track!

This morning I had a good workout and last night I ate sensible. Simple day yesterday - I will keep this post the same. Have a great Friday-eve!!!


  1. I see you figured out how awards work, it looks good on you!

    Eating at a new Restaurant is something I enjoy too. It is sort of like gambling; you aren't sure if your bet will pay off or not but it pays off more often and the pay off is much tastier.

    Good job getting back on track.

  2. Yeah - thanks again for that Patrick. I take a lot of referrals and most pan out.

  3. Way to go on the good workout and eating right. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!!! Looking forward to the long holiday weekend, any plans?

  4. bbubblyb - I will probably just relax at home. The past few weeks have been hectic

  5. Have you gone wedding ring shopping yet?

  6. Christine - we plan on doing it at the end of this month!!!
    darwinstable - Thanks.