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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

189 Pounds – Weight Window Maintained!

To all, I hope you had a restful Holiday. For me it was waaaaay to much tailgate food. I was surprised to see 189 pounds pre workout this morning. I ate like a mad man and drank like a fish at the tailgate. However, I did workout like a madman on Friday and this morning so I should not be surprised at my weight status.
So, today is day two of my new effort and I really did not get off on a good foot. Because I did not work yesterday I did not keep to my routine of working out in the morning and eating on a regular schedule (again – there is a lesson to be learned there). I did not do any reading or business development (BD) yesterday and I don’t feel very good about that. I am happy that I am starting my new weight goal right in the 5 pound window I want to be.
To all my weight loss people I will tell you this today – make today a day you can be proud of and smile when you hit the pillow to sleep tonight!


  1. I am learning that maintenance is a day by day event even more so than losing. One weekend doesn’t make a dent, unless you allow it to turn into a week or a month.

    For me, the problem is finding that motivation elsewhere than the scale because I am not really losing a lot of weight like I once was. It really is about keeping it in a range or weight window, as you put it.

  2. Madame Cur - My weight has been sensitive to weekend splurges in the past - especially if I did not have a good workout week before hand. It is all telling me (I think) that I need to focus on sustained moderate eating habits which, in the recent past I admit have been pretty bad.
    Now that college football season is upon me ever weekend could be potentially be a slip. My focus needs to be better than ever now.

  3. I liked that you said "make today a day you can be proud of and smile about when you hit the pillow". What that means to me is so much more than just my weight and working out. What I've learned most during this journey is that I want to be happy. So today I'm going to make it about being happy about spending quality time with my family and just feeling content in my life.

    Here's to a good day for all of us.

    Way to go on the weigh-in this morning. Sounds like you had a great weekend too.

  4. Congratulations on getting to your goal weight! It always seems that trying to get to goal is difficult, but then once your there it somehow seems just as difficult. However, you have to give yourself alot of credit. You did it. Great blog-just catching up on some inspirational reading and came across your blog.

  5. bbubblyb - Thanks. That is how I judge my day more so than the weight I have in morning. If I can go to sleep and feel proud of who I was for the entire day then I won.
    Liz - Thank you for your words. I appreciate it. I hope that I can inspire you to lose the weight you desire and become the person you need to be. I have to stay balanced because I know that I can simply work off the fatty foods if I dedicate my workouts that way… but as I stated that is and has been a slippery slope. Thanks for joining my blog. the next 90 days should be interesting.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! It's going to help knowing that I have someone holding me accountable in a way. I like what you said in your post about making today a day you can be proud of. I try to live my life that way in every other aspect, but I continue to struggle with the fitness aspect of it. I have a great support system...am surrounded by fit minded people but still find myself scared to take that first step. I'm not sure why, as I've done it before and saw great results. I think it's more of the feeling of familiarity that I have now and no one likes to feel uncomfortable. But it's people like you that remind me that it's totally doable! Thank you for being vulnerable so people like me can find inspiration.

  7. Love the quote as well, celebrating a nearly perfect day myself yesterday!

  8. Michigan?! Yikes. Ohio State fan here. :-) Great job maintaining!! Keep up the great work!