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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

190 – inside WW

So now I can see how these next couple months will go and it is just about what I expected. I will need to workout everyday if I am going to continue going to tailgates and not count calories and fat grams while I am there (I still try and stay away from high fructose corn syrup the best I can). I spent a little over three months working out everyday to lose weight it appears I will need to workout everyday during tailgate season to maintain. That does not sound all that bad. It is the sacrifice I will need to make to enjoy the tailgates as I like to enjoy them.
I am focused on one of my inventions now and you will see a lot of that MAIZE color in my business tracking chart. It feels good to "DO" something else. I am a father, husband, engineer, tailgater, weight loss story/blogger, and now I have added inventor to that mix. It gives me more of a confident feeling that I am using my time on this earth a little better than in the past. I want to go to sleep and NOT think I have wasted the time the Lord has given me.
ONWARD my weight loss blogging people ONWARD!


  1. Some say trade-offs are apart of life. I am not so sure I but that in an absolute sense, but it does have its applications. Trading off tailgating bliss for some exercise seems fair and very beneficial. A win - win if I dare say so. Have I missed details as to what you are inventing in other posts? Or is that hush hush for now?

  2. Patrick - I had wanted to dial down the workouts to 3 or 2 times a week but that is not possible now. You are right it is very fair and if you think about it deeper it's actually poetic justice in a sense...
    Regarding the invention - I do not want to send out unsolicited product spam to my weight loss people. If anyone wants to talk further I would say just send me a quick note to my e-mail address. That’s not why I started this journey and I simply want my bloggers to know there is something else I am doing with my life now and it feels good! It's all under the umbrella of my new life!