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Thursday, September 9, 2010

191 – Outside my WW (Weight Window)

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather for the first time in a long time. I did not go to work and I did not blog either. It felt strange to spend an entire weekday without checking in on my blog folks and posting something myself.
As you can see I am outside my WW. I am starting to understand how difficult this is going to be. I simply cannot keep up the workouts as they have been for the past three months. That being said I will need to watch what I eat a lot closer now. This effort is going to take a whole different kind of commitment that I have not prepared myself for. I have to spend some time thinking about how I am going to go about this because the track I am on is NOT going to work. I would like to open the floor to comments about sustaining my weight.
As far as the Business and RBD (Reading and Business Development) I am just not committed to that effort right now. I believe I have not changed my thinking yet… I have the desire right now but I have not changed my thinking on what it means to me. I have some work to do here. It is always good to be honest with yourself but today I am down in the dumps a bit because I have not committed myself to sustaining my weight, reading, and developing business ideas. My new 90 day effort has started off poor.
I have just one word for myself… ONWARD!


  1. Darn lost my comment :( Hmmm what the heck did I say. The basis of it was maybe just make maintenance be your goal for awhile and then come back to the financial stuff.

    With the exercise I too found that working out everyday didn't work for me after awhile and now I do it 3-4 days a week. I also tried to make more of my exercise real life activities that I could do with the kids and it really helped us bond more too. What changing the exercise means though is tackling the food issues I had/have and eating less and better. It's working out ok but it's tougher some weeks. It's just a balancing act that is day to day, week to week, month to month. Of course thinking it's for life is tough but I know as more time goes on it will continue to get easier.

    Don't beat yourself up about not doing well with your new goal you have done a terrific job with changing yourself and you need to be proud of that. Sometimes we have to change our goals or just postpone them for a bit and make new ones. I'm sure when you are ready you will do great with it all.

    This doesn't seem to be the comment I had typed out before at all :(

    Liked your "ONWARD" it will stick in my head like Patrick's "I am in control of me".

    Here's to a good day! hope you are feeling better.

  2. bbubblyb - Thank you for the in-depth response.
    I hate it when I loose a note half way through or even all the way through. The second time around never seems as good as the first.
    So to respond – I am going to try Monday/Wednesday/Friday for my workouts. I think that is feasible for now. I absolutely need to restructure the way I view food because at this rate I will not keep my WW where I need it to be.
    I have given myself enough time to be proud of myself (it did feel good!!!) but now it's time to get the next phase of my life going. My life's focus now is centered on my business ventures and learning about the stock market. It is time to get my but in gear because I have been playing around with my RBDs for far too many years now. It would be easy for me to postpone all of it but this is not really the beginning it is recommitting myself on goals I had years ago.
    I have to keep telling myself – ONWARD – because I have had issues living in the past. I need to keep moving forward and leave the past just where it is!

  3. No suggestions for you as I'm not there yet but sending lots of support. Onward, indeed!!

  4. For sustaining? Hmmm, my immediate thought is that whether losing or maintaining is that you do have to work at it each day. Taking a age from Clyde's recent post, there is no auto pilot. You can't coast or just leave it to your subconscious to get it done. Everyday starts with a planto be healthy I believe.