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Thursday, August 5, 2010

8/5/2010 – 50 Pounds Lost – 5 Pounds to Go – 16 Days Left

So – Back to 50 pounds lost. Not sure how I dropped two pounds overnight. I ate like a mad man yesterday. Raisin bran for breakfast with 2% milk, 6" tuna sub from subway 530 calories and 30g of fat with sour cream and onion baked lays water to drink. For snack in the middle of the day I had two servings of pretzels. For dinner - pork ribs with big salad two pieces of cornbread corn for veggie and water to drink. After that for snacks I had two serving of hummus and flat bread – a few handfuls of fat free croutons (just the croutons) and right before bed I ate another piece of cornbread and a bowl of cinnamon cheerios with 2% milk. WOW that’s a lot of food for one day so I am surprised I dropped two pounds overnight. I feel great. At this point it would be nice to get to 190 by 8/21 but like I said I have already won and that would be icing on the cake.
Me and the wife continue to find ways not to argue and stress about things we typically have feuded about. We are finding ways to take stress off the other person and not put any unnecessary stress in our lives. It feels good. Still no communication about us and the rings we continue not to wear but like I have said I cannot complain about what is happening. I just wish she could find a way to verbally tell me what is on her mind. I do not wish to live as boyfriend and girlfriend because I want a full all out commitment because I deserve it and need to know that she has my back for life. I am full all out committed to her and making the family work and I still feel she is not completely in the same place. I think this will work itself out at some point I believe.


  1. Reading this post I kept thinking why not put your ring back on. Maybe it would show her that YOU are committed. Sometimes it really is about leading by example.

  2. About the ring thing... mine ended up on the interstate while I was headed to pack my stuff into storage. I guess I could buy another one. Leading by example is a good thought. I will think about this one.