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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/4/2010 – 48 Pounds Lost – 7 Pounds to Go – 17 Days Left

I feel the countdown to day 1 more and more each day. Right now it feels like the Tour De France where I know I have already won so I am cruzin (for the last few miles) into the finish with no possibility of losing the race. I have won. No matter how you slice this thing I have won. I just realized it while I was writing this piece. I look around and my life is completely different than that guy that had no family support. I am completely different than the guy who (in underwear only) looked overweight with absolutely no muscle definition. I am different than that guy who is blaming others (on occasion) for things I CAN control and CAN do something about. I am different than that guy who (on occasion) felt sorry for himself. I am different from that guy who was barreling forward with no regard for a healthy weight loss reduction. I want a victory party – I wonder who will throw it for me… Champaign – Music – Confetti – Drinks – Dancing – loud bangs and fireworks…

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