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Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/31/2010 – ?? Pounds Lost – ? Pounds to Go – 21 Days Left

I still do not have a scale at home so I don't know where I am at weight wise. I suspect I have picked up maybe one or two more pounds. I feel a whole heck of a lot better but my weight I fear is going the wrong way fast. I have an appointment Tuesday with a doctor to discuss my weight loss goals as it pertains to the insane workouts that I do.
I do not wish to cut back on my working out so I will need to take in more food – what kinds and how much is the question I would like answered.
I am finally FREE of the "American Dream" house that was slowly putting me in an early grave. Now that "American Dream" house is somebody else's problem. I'm not sure why a 5 bedroom, finished basement, 3 bathrooms, in a subdivision was something that I needed in life. The upkeep per month ALONE was ~400 bucks a month. That’s not even considering the outrageous mortgage that I got myself into. The overall swing considering the mortgage, utilities (now less because of less space), and keeping up the grounds is a total of about $1800 bucks. I am truly finding out what is important these days and it is not the outward perception from other people that I am doing well (that was worded funny but read it again…). Time and family are the only important things in life and I am making moves to increase the enjoyment on both fronts.
Wife and I made it through the move without any serious setbacks. I think she is starting to deal with stress a little better these days. My full time job demands that I keep my cool and not let the stress of the job get to me. Now that she is paying more attention to me I might be rubbing off in a good way.

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  1. Only good can come from making moves to increase the enjoyment with family. Good luck to you with your upcoming doctors visit.