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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7/28/2010 – 48 Pounds Lost – 7 Pounds to Go – 24 Days Left

I picked up 2 pounds for a very good reason…Yesterday at about 2:00pm my body started to feel strange and I felt weak and light headed. I battled this feeling for several hours. After dinner my body felt slightly better and it appeared I was starving myself. I ate everything I could get my hands on the feelings all went away. I then crashed about 30 minutes later and woke up about an hour later. I finished up house stuff and went to bed early. I think I have got to a point where my reduced calorie diet, as it pertains to my workout schedule, is hurting me - not helping. I am going to schedule a doctor's appointment with a nutritionalist and find out what all I need to eat to stay strong and still be able to lose the last 7 pounds.
I am in the final two days of selling the old house and completely starting the new house living. Today and tomorrow we will need to get the last of the stuff out of the house and move it Thursday night. Friday morning is the closing and marks the end. The wife and I are at each other because I believe we are running out of time and in my limited vision (because I don't know exactly what all she needs to do to be done) she is not using every possible second needed to get the stuff out of the old house. It is tense between us right now and she is hugely overstressed. So I need to recognize that and just not say anything more and just try and work through the rest of the next two days. I know she will start to push me and question us all over again so I have said all I am going to say and battle… Here we go… 48 hours from now we should both be able to breath.


  1. You are taking action in scheduling appointments to discuss with professionals. Take that advice and give it thought and make changes you agree with and try them. Important though that you agree, believe, in the advice given. Even professionals can give bad advice.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I have found your comments to be true in my life. I have a good feel for what works for my life and what does not. I need some minor adjustments to my overall plan because I feel weak and should not - with all the exercise I am doing and eating well I should feel strong.