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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7/27/2010 – 50 Pounds Lost – 5 Pounds to Go – 25 Days Left

I felt strange standing on the scale this morning. It was almost as if I did not want to see myself so close to the goal. That sounds crazy huh? What will I do once I reach 190 pounds? Will I stop working out 5 days a week? Will I stop eating and living so healthy? What will I have to blog about in the mornings… it was strange that I realized it is TRULY almost over. I was even maybe a little sad. I did not say anything I just looked at the weight for about 20 seconds or so just standing on the scale. What happens now? I guess I thought that my new life would answer those questions and it has not. I do not have enough to go off of right now to direct and carve out a new path for myself. There are business opportunities I want to take advantage of - one is an invention and the other investing.Don't get me wrong I have a sense of pride and accomplishment right now that is similar to how I felt when I graduated from the University of Michigan… bitter sweet right now.

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