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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/23/2010 – 37 Pounds Lost – 18 Pounds to Go – 59 Days Left

One more pound off the books!!! So yesterday many things happened – My kids are so creative – I helped them produce a movie they were working on with the video camera, went bike riding with two of the kids this time, and started to read the book – Rich Dad Poor Dad, what the rich teach their kids that the poor do not. I don't read. Period. I just don’t. School was hard for me because of that but I made it through on my math and science skills. So reading this book is a big step for me. It is very interesting. So far it is reiterating things I have heard before but putting a realistic spin on it. I think after I am done with this book there will be some movements in different directions.
On a different note my mother is having a lot of pain recovering from her surgery and will not come home for a few more days. My father is stressing himself out at the hospital trying to do too much. He is still recovering from his hip surgery and is trying to help my mother at the hospital. I hope she can get control over the pain soon.

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