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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/2010 – 22 Pounds Lost – 33 Pounds to Go – 82 Days Left

Just as I feared… I gained back 4 pounds... I am not all that concerned about it though… I ate perfectly fine all weekend but pigged out on Monday at my BBQ. I had ribs, Baked MacnCheese, a bacon and green bean dish I make, and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. I really pigged out… but in all that madness I only had one serving of each and only ate that meal and breakfast yesterday. My workout this morning felt good getting back to the routine of sweating and aching. Funny thing happened last night while I was falling asleep - my wife moved over in the bed and laid her head on my chest for a while and fell asleep. Not sure if she had a few cocktails before coming up to bed but it was sort of strange. Not making too much out of it at this point – although any positive momentum with ANYTHING is helpful on this journey of mine. Oh yeah the step daughter is back in the house now for good. She did not speak to me and would not acknowledge my presence. Strength is what I need now more than ever…


  1. I like your attitude of not giving up.

    The blog attached to my profile is my personal family blog and it is private.

    My weight loss quest blog is:

    I haven't linked this blog to my profile yet as I'm not ready to share it with all my family... isn't that crazy?

  2. OK I think I have it now. And coming from someone who does not have a profile, picture, or anything other than an anonymous struggle to regain happiness - trust me I understand.