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Friday, May 28, 2010

5/28/2010 – 26 Pounds Lost – 29 Pounds to Go – 85 Days Left

I feel great this morning… I have gone under the 220 mark. I am 219 hahahaha it feels so good. I fear the weekend… I have two BBQ's scheduled to be at and no workout sessions currently scheduled. I will be strong… you will see. Had a meeting with the house the step daughter is at and it appears she will be returning to our house Monday. I have a really bad feeling about this because she still cannot even speak to me directly. So much on my mind… Wife – Kids – house (we have to move by the way… I'll get into that at some point) I do have one thing that makes me smile right now and that is looking at the needle on the scale at the workout facility gaining less and less momentum as time goes by… Onward!!!

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