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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Impromptu - 5/27/10

I felt it necessary to write this... One of my coworkers, that I see maybe once every two weeks when I need to discuss a project, looked at me and and was the first person to date to say – "your losing weight, my goodness how much have you lost?" I told him 23 and have 32 more to go. He asked what diet plan I am on and I pointed to my head and said the one up here. I have a saying that I made up; "If you have the desire to change your thinking followed by the motivation to act achieving is inevitable"… You can buy the most expensive equipment in the entire world or go to the most glamorous athletic clubs, but if you don't have desire and motivation you will fail.
Nice that a coworker who I see once every couple of weeks noticed my weight loss but my wife that I see every day sees right through me…

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