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Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/27/2010 – 23 Pounds Lost – 32 Pounds to Go – 86 Days Left

This morning is a good morning. I stepped on the scale at the gym before my workout and I weighed in at
222 pounds that’s two pounds different from yesterday. I smiled really big and had an awesome workout. I have still not put a list together for things that will make me happy personally. I will work on that this weekend. The workouts are getting more intense and I feel so much stronger these days. I am so proud of my progress in the face of all this is going wrong in my personal life.
So the step daughter was home for a brief moment to get schoolwork and see her brother and sisters before returning to the home for troubled kids. She has one more week of lockdown there. She came into the kitchen and I said hi to her and she ignored me. I said her name and then said hi again and she rolled her eyes giving me the "die now" look and turned and walked away. I had to take off for a moment and leave the house – I have no idea how she is going to be able to return with this type of attitude. My wife gets irritated when I even try to hug my wife.
Some people are religious, some people are spiritual, some are both, and some are none. I would put myself in a "little of both" spiritual and religious category and they are the only things that I can look to for strength in all that is going on. I can only look up and onward… give me strength!!!

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