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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/26/2010 – 21 Pounds Lost – 34 Pounds to Go – 87 Days Left

So this morning marks the 22 day of my effort to leave fast food alone. I made the mistake of meeting someone at McDonalds to pick up some business information and I had a weak moment… AHHHHH I am so upset… I went to the counter and ordered a Donkey Glass (Shrek glass for my kids) and a bag of apples… ummm O.K. I guess I did not have a weak moment and I chose McDonalds on the 22nd day to show myself that I am over it. It was not really all that hard to order just the bag of apples… and I even told the kid behind the counter that I did not need the caramel dipping sauce. I am strong right now with my health so why is it so hard to focus on my happiness when it comes to my personal life.
I wrote yesterday that I would come up with a list of things to focus on myself and create some happiness in my life. Well I could only still focus on my wife and the kids… why is it so hard? Why do I continue to put so much effort into my marriage and I get very little if nothing in return…? I guess I don't want it to end. Maybe I try and find the strength and energy to do all of it including developing a list and pursuing some personal happiness.

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