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Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/2010 – 20 Pounds Lost – 35 Pounds to Go – 89 Days Left

Monday morning – I stepped up the workout today and my body is sore sore sore… I had one hell of a time not eating last night. I got irritable and sort of yelled at the kids for nothing. I realized I was trippin so I went up to my room and put on the SUNS-LAKERS game. I passed out after the second quarter. Looking online at espn.com I wish I could have stayed up. The SUNS are trying to make a series out of it… I hope so. So I have lost 20 pounds – it sure feels good. Looking at my body I love the way it looks right now. The six pack is starting to come out once again and I have gone down two belt buckle holes in 3 weeks. I just can't stop right now… I have done so well and I have such a long way to go – I have to stay focused. Family life is neither better nor worse right now so I guess in the big picture that’s not all that bad. Onward…

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