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Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/23/2010 – 18 pounds lost – 37 pounds to go – 90 days left

Sunday morning… It’s a good morning I think. I do not have a scale at my home so I don't know what I weigh on the weekends. I guess that seems sort of strange to me. Oh well… I think I am still at 18 pounds lost I always can feel the weight in my stomach if it feels light I am usually keeping the weight from my previously weighed amount. If it feels heavy then I am usually a pound or two heavier. This is so hard for me… all I think about is food… food all night long… all day long. Not eating fast food and everything in the fridge is so hard. I really don't know how I am doing it. I guess it is mind over matter at this point. I try and think about other things and get busy with house work or play with the kids to get my mind off food. So I have two more days to get to my 22 days of no fast food. It has been so hard. So I guess I find strength in the fact that I continue to defy myself. I would rather not talk about family life because it will only make me want to eat.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I am actually trying to lose 55 pounds not 50. My goal is to get to 190 pounds. I thought about changing the name but 50 pounds and a new life sounds better than 55 pounds and a new life… right? Yeah it does so we will just go with 50 just for the name.
O.K. so off to think about something other than food!!!

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