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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

Hello to all. I have not been working out so I have not posted much. Posting is what got me through my original journey so I think I am going to post M/W/F no matter if I work out or not.
This weekend the wife and I went to a restaurant and then to a movie... something terrible happened and I think I am O.K. though. The wife and I were sitting at the bar and she ordered an appletini and I ordered a redbull and cranberry juice (it's surprisingly good and uplifting for an short period of time). She finished her drink and had the cherry left. She said she could never tie the stem into a knot and I remember I did it once a long time ago. I said let me try and I put it in my mouth and tried to tie it... after a second I realized that it had been soaked in the drink for a while and the stem had drinks in it. I spit it out and grabbed a bunch of napkins and began spitting into the napkins. I probably looked crazy at the bar... I was sad thinking I had ruined my effort this year but after some though I figured that I could not taste any alcohol and kissing my wife after she drinks I can taste it anyway so I don't think there is any harm there. Kissing the wife after she drinks... I have to think about that one - but I don't think that counts either.
I posted a comment on my friends PATRICK (click on his name) blog and I wanted to add that comment to my blog. It really says what is on my mind right now...
For me weight gain goes mostly with my mood. The family, job, and wife situations influence my mood tremendously. I have not been able to understand it completely and I continue to struggle with it. I feel great when my weight is down. I have more energy when my weight is down. I am upbeat when my weight is down. So why don’t I control the one thing that I know can make my mood better and that is my weight. I cannot control what my family, job, or wife does so why not focus in on the things I can control. This is not a new concept and I continue to struggle with it. One day I hope to understand it and find a way to level out my moods no matter what the uncontrollables are doing…


  1. What you wrote to Patrick is something I totally get too. It really is about our mood that drives us to do everything. I'm still trying to figure out the answer too. For me I think part of it is I have always celebrated with food too so sometimes I will be losing weight and feeling happy and then want to celebrate so for me it works both ways not just when I'm feeling down or anxious. Anyway, if you figure it out before me please clue me in *smile*. As for the cherry stem or the kissing of the wife I don't think that is a fail it wasn't like it was intentional. I think committing to blogging 3 times a week is a great idea. I should probably do that myself.

  2. bbubblyb
    Handling the mood. I will certainly give all my life secrets when I find them. :)