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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68

I have not posted a blog in a little while because I have not made it out to the gym. Typically I will post a blog once I have gone to workout that morning. No need to worry that I am not keeping my goals for this year. Every day that goes by I am more and more comfortable with this 365 day journey. Actually I have added a 30 day challenge to stop all fast food and I am currently 6 days into that one and going strong.
One thing that I don’t like about myself is that if I get out of my routine even for a little bit it is difficult to get myself back on. I have not worked out in a few days because my work schedule got really hectic. I just did not have the energy to work 16-18 hour days and then get up after a short couple hours of sleep and work out. Now that the work schedule has calmed down I have not gotten myself back to my M/W/F routine and unfortunately that is typical for me. This is something I know about myself and needs work.
I have talked from time to time about an invention I am working on and something big happened a few days ago. I submitted my invention to the US patent office and now my design is protected. I am starting the next phase of my development work and it is exciting. A friend is helping with the CAD work so I can get a professional prototype made. It is a very exciting time for me. The family is as calm as it has ever been, the wife and I are at a GREAT place, and the step daughter is healthier mentally than she has ever been I think. Things are in a good place for me all around. If I could only get my eating in line it would be the icing on the cake for my life.


  1. Yes, mood seems to mean more about weight loss success than knowledge of how to lose weight. So many outside factors influence our mood and we at times can filter them out and get to task and others our filter is useless and we allow ourselves to shelve the success that awaits us. As well, I have not been able to understand why this is the way we are wired. Knowing this however, should give us an edge in doing a better job at filtering out the nose more often than not. At least that is my hope.

  2. Knowing is half the battle G.I.JOE told me onetime. I felt so strongly about that post that I added it to a post for my blog! Good luck to us Patrick!