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Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 35

Today I weighed in at 209. I thought I would have gained a pound but I am glad to see the 209. To be honest I have not started to focus on my eating habits yet. I am not sure why. I know this is the only way I will get myself back down to 190 but the motivation is not there. I still have a huge motivation for not drinking and working out M/W/F but for some reason I just have not pulled it together to start. Anyone out there have any insight? Been there before and can give me some pointers? I want to but the desire is not there.
Other than that I am doing well. Family and work is going well. I am blessed and I am happy right now.


  1. Losing weight seems to have allot more to do with eating than it does with exercise. Still we need exercise, but we cannot look to it as the 'main' focus of losing weight. That will only come from eating at a calorie deficit. But you know that. You're looking for thoughts on where your motivation to eat right is, hmmm...

    Consider this tried & true notion. Choosing to succeed in weight loss is allot like choosing to build a bon fire. Not just any ole fire, but a bon fire that will burn intensely because you did it right. First a small but critical choice, laying down some high quality kindling and a few small-starter logs to lighting and start our day. Good, now we've got a nice little fire we can build on, let's call this fire breakfast.

    This fire will go out though if we don't build on it in a few hours. And we can't build on it with wet heavy carbed up lumber or by tossing quick-burning sugary cardboard boxes on it; we need some wood with some meat to it but not so meaty it collapses the base we laid down at breakfast. So we'll snack on another small-starter log while we gather up some meaty logs and then lets enjoy our lunch.

    How you liking that fire now? We've made some wise choices in building this up from a spark to a proud camp fire. We're stoked by this fire, and we must stoke it further if it needs another small-starter snack log after lunch. In a few hours we have our most critical choice to make; the final act in getting our bon fire on. What will we choose? To let our fire fizzle out by under feeding it with a lame handful of twigs because we've stopped paying attention to our fire? Or worse, will we over feed it with more wood than our fire can possibly burn at one time? Wisely we choose to layer on some more of those high quality meaty logs just as we did at lunch, but instead we're calling this final layer dinner.

    All these choices, made one at a time throughout the day, have us beaming with pride now as we look upon this beautiful bon fire we've created. Yep, we did it, and we know how we did it, and we can do it again tomorrow; if we choose to.

    Time to get fired up friend!

  2. Patrick said it all so well, not much to add. :) Still here for support if you need it!

  3. Patrick
    Thanks for the in depth response. It is important to me to get feedback from those that have been through it and people that I respect their advice. Thanks for being a follower and friend!
    The wordsmith does have a way with words huh?!