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Thursday, October 7, 2010

NO workout – No Weigh in

I was all set to go workout this morning and managed to let the "I don’t wannas" get the best of me this morning. One day of rest is still good. I will get my but to the gym tomorrow morning. After all I do have tailgating this weekend.
I would like to report out to everyone that the wife and I had an awesome heart to heart last night. I left the conversation with more optimism than EVER in the past. She is starting to understand where she is coming up short and has committed to work hard on us. I have never heard her talk like that maybe ever. I was able to open my eyes a bit bigger and tell her some things that I realized…

- My focus on us was way over the top and I needed to dial it down a bit.

- I could not make her 100% happy my role is 50-75% she needs her own things and own time to get to 100%

- The "past" was bothering me more than I realized and need to work on letting it stay there

- She has a natural flirty personality and this bothered me more than I realized

After our talk she took responsibility for everything I mentioned that was bothering me and said we will make it through all this. I have a great outlook on the two of us right now and my focus is going to be heavily on me and gaining the financial stability I need right now. My weight is great right now. At some point I will get my focus back on the WW but I will not stop tracking it. I want to keep my current weight right there in front of my eyes.


  1. So glad about the talk with the wife. Hope you have a terrific time tailgating this weekend too. Good luck at the gym tomorrow.

  2. Very interesting how you put this, "I could not make her 100% happy my role is 50-75% she needs her own things and own time to get to 100%"

    I'd say this true in about all relationships but, do we get that? We find ourselves very committed to our relationships we more often than we care to admit likely take on too much burden for the whole 100%. In reality, that is impossible and as well unnecessary.

    Definiately an eye opening and thought provoking post.

  3. Patrick - It is eye opening and it took me a while to get there. I figured that I was all she needed and that is just flat out wrong. Knowing this I believe we can make some big strides...
    Thanks for the continued insight into my posts. AND like I said on your blog – you are intentionally trying to fool the reader with you pictures. We will need to step up our game.