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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Good – The Bad – and the Beautiful

The Good;
I have been focusing on the task at hand come Monday morning. It will not be easy I know this. It will take a different level of commitment to keep the weight and put in the time researching and developing my dreams. It is constantly on my mind so I know I will be just fine come Monday morning.

The Bad;
Since I reached my goals I have really pulled back on the throttle as it pertains to my workouts and eating habits. I have been snaking a lot and I am worried once I get my butt back on the scale Monday morning. I am eating really unhealthy things. I think I am splurging a bit as a reward but it has gone out of control at this point. I will need to stop the bleeding now. I can't wait until Monday to get my focus back. I also drank a bit over the past week and this has added to my snacking and laziness with trying to get up at 5:00am to go workout. Time to refocus a bit and make sure I get my butt to the gym Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

The Beautiful;
I almost passed out in my kitchen yesterday around 5:55pm. The wife came home with a couple groceries and started to put them away. I noticed something sparkling as she was putting the groceries away… I grabbed her arm and low and behold the wedding ring is back on her finger. I almost passed out. I asked her when she put it back on and she said, "This morning". It sure did not take me long to see it and I honestly have NOT been looking at her hand for the past year of my life. At that moment I felt amazing but troubled all at the same time. You see, I tossed my ring out on the interstate when I was headed to the storage unit to pack away the last of my things. It was only suppose to be a temporary ring so I only spent 400 bucks on it. Even still, I sure wish I had it to be able to put on at that very moment. When I tossed it I felt there was no way she would ever be back in my life like that and I wanted nothing to do with that type of memory. I told her, about me tossing the ring, a couple weeks ago and she had a look of sorrow on her face. I told her that the whole situation crushed me and I wanted nothing to do with those memories. I guess I am on the hook now to get another one – huh?


  1. Awesome congrats about the ring!!! Also, I imagine that once you have reached your goal weight it becomes all to easy to make excuses to 'reward' yourself. I hear maintenance can be the toughest time.

  2. All your hard your inside and out is making a difference in you and all those around you. You should be proud.

  3. I say make a date night with the wife and go shopping for a new ring TOGETHER *smile*. I got roses today from hubby "just because roses" he said. I really do think it's the little gestures that make a woman's heart feel all warm even if it's just grocery store flowers or helping in the kitchen. I'm all smiles for you about the ring on her finger.

    As for the rewarding yourself for reaching goal its something we've all done at times. You know what to do to get back on track and I'm sure you will.

  4. Darwinstable – I guess I will find out. I am amp't up to start the next 90 days… It will be interesting to see where I am at the end of it all.

    bbubblyb – I was thinking about going shopping together for one. Good idea. I will make that happen.

    Dr. Fat To Fit – Thank you for the kind words. It feels good to see her smile and happy again.

  5. I think you should get a new ring to symbolise this new beginning in your life - in more ways than one! I am very happy for you.

  6. Focus, you are setting yourself up here for a new focused surge towards that which you wish to achieve next; I'd wish you lukc but you likely don't need it as you have proved what you can do when focused. Oh why not, Good Luck :-)

    Interesting story about the rings. Excellent news in her putting hers back on. Unfortunate that you don't have yours anymore but all things in the past considered it is understood by her I hope.

    Carla has a great idea, get a new ring to symbolise this new beginning.

  7. therightfit - I will certainly do that. I will go shopping with her at some point here soon.

  8. Patrick - I accept all forms of encouragement... so Please wish me luck. Thanks! As far as the rings - she did not comment when I told her she just had a look of sorrow as if she was beating herself up inside. I dropped it but I think she understood why I tossed it. I have to pick and choose my discussions with her because too much "discussion" time wears her down.

  9. Aw, I'm so happy to hear the good news about the ring! I agree with the others, time for a new ring for the new YOU! :)