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Friday, June 11, 2010

Today marks a great day!!! I have lost 30 pounds and I feel great!!! The past few days have been trying because I have not made any progress on weight loss but I stayed focused and came through with flying colors. I must say that my family situation is taking a turn for the better… at least when it comes to my wife. She is communicating with me and making small efforts to make things right between us. It's strange because when she gets overly stressed she backs down and closes off and starts to say things about "our failing marriage", "our broken relationship", "it doesn’t feel natural to try" but then when things calm down stress wise in her life she opens back up and acts somewhat like a wife. I think on some level this is who she is but she will need to understand that backing away and shutting down for a day of two and having alone time is one thing but to push me away and say damaging things must stop… we will see how that conversation goes. Anyway – I would have hoped that by this point more people would be tuning into my blog not because I want to say I have "X" amount of followers but that I think my story can be inspiration to weight loss folks because you can look to me for strength because I will not stop until I reach my goals. I will reach my goals and get that new life I speak about. I feel that new light shining a dim light on me right now actually. Please, if you are reading this tell others to come to my blog if they are serious about losing weight because I have been through the fire (and continue to) and I am achieving my goals and can be an inspiration!!!

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