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Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3/2010 – 25 Pounds Lost – 30 Pounds to Go – 79 Days Left

I have 4 followers now (well actually 3 I somehow signed up to follow myself. I think I did that one time when I had too much to drink a few years ago) thanks for the comments and taking the time to read my story.
I was surprised to see that I had lost no weight this morning - I am still at 25 pounds lost. I felt lighter when I woke up and I can usually tell when weight is coming off. BUT I also know I am at that point where loss will slow down and I need to be focused on the end result. My goal of 55 pounds by 8/21/10 is my goal and there is not much more I can control in my life. I wish things could be different but they are not. Fixing the pain I feel in my heart with regards to my wife and the pounds I want to see gone forever are the only things on my mind. Sometimes I ask myself - shouldn't the women have struggles of the MAN not talking and expressing HIS feelings. It appears I am living the flip side of that stereotypical situation. Shouldn't the women be chasing the man for his love and affection? When I think about it all I really want is a thought in my head that she loves me and there is no reason to worry about the future or other people. I feel a lot of pain right now and don't know how or where the healing will come from... maybe the 50 pounds and a new life will provide that healing.

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