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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/2010 – 42 Pounds Lost – 13 Pounds to Go – 53 Days Left

One more pound off the books. Nothing will stop this train!!! So, I have been talking about how I am taking my own advice and not speaking negative words – well I will talk briefly about what is happening. The move to the new house is starting to be hard. There is a lot to do. This will be the families 9th move in 13 years. It is wearing on my soul. Some of the moves were due to my job, some due to seeking the "American dream" Ha, and some due to money issues. This last one is due to money issues. This 9th move is being accompanied by a family dynamic that is tearing me apart… my wife does not want to be a wife and wishes I would just walk away, step daughter thinks I hate her and has "lost all respect for me" Ha what a joke, and three wonderful loving good kids that don’t deserve any of this.
I continue to make myself healthy inside and out but these trials are oh so very hard to overcome. I have strength and faith – my shoulders are broad and have the weight of the world on them. I know I am a different kind of individual and know that faith is the only thing keeping me going. Coming through all of this with flying colors will make me a stronger person. Who knows where and/or with whom I will rest my head but I do see happiness for me in the future. Onward.

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