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Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/2010 – 41 Pounds Lost – 14 Pounds to Go – 54 Days Left

Wow. I had the gym attendant re-calibrate the scale this morning because I found it hard to believe I lost 4 pounds over the weekend. And the scale was right. I ate horribly over the weekend… birthday cake, jelly beans, chips… I fell off the wagon… HOWEVER… for my meals it was business as usual – good healthy food. Hmmm I guess every now and then my body needs some senseless fat. I was going to wait until I reached weight until I ate senseless fat. I guess it was not so bad. BUT back to work… the workout this morning felt good. Onward… and Fat, not fluffy… I am still taking my own advice – I could complain and moan about some stuff that is happening to me but writing it and focusing on it will do me no good!
Update on my mother is that she came home Sunday and is home now. Her pain level is manageable with a lot of meds but really gets bad at night. I pray for her and my father. They are the Mash unit and are in a lot of pain and stress these days. My father with his recovering hips trying to take care of my mother. My brothers and sister come over and try to help them from time to time. I cannot just come over at night to check on them because I live 2-1/2 hours away and have a family of 4 kids. I really want to help but I just can't be there as much as I would like to. I call to chat and check on them. I think it helps and I will continue to do it.

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